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I love animals and always had pets growing up.  Whether it was the family cat or dog, they were always a part of us and were a consideration in what we did.  Our pets were a major part of my childhood and I have carried this forward and started my own business to look after and care for other people's pets. 


I realise how important pets are, especially to children and the elderly.  I respect this and will treat your pet as if it were my own.  It's a job that gives me joy and I think also shows in the manner of the animal when they get company during the day.  Feedback from past and present clients attest to this. I am fully insured and DBS checked.


Pet Care Services in the Caerphilly Area

Dog Walking in Caerphilly


Dogs, like people, enjoy company.  With today's modern lifestyles, there are more dog's being left home alone than ever before.  When left on their own for long periods of time, dog's often become anxious and fret.  This is where my dog walking service can come in.  I will pay a home visit to your house to walk your dog and give it fuss and attention.  Halfway through the day really breaks up the tedium for the animal and I love the excitement of dog's when they see me and know they'll be going out for a much needed walk.

Dog Sitting in Caerphilly


Some dogs worry more than others when without human company or that of other dogs.  There are many reasons why your dog could be left on their own.  You could work office hours Monday to Friday or do shift work.  Sometimes it may be for an evening meal out or family day trip somewhere that pets are not allowed.  Whatever the reason, I can visit your home to sit with your dog and incorporate a walk too if needed.  I will give your dog lots of attention and fuss and give it the opportunity to expend some energy to relieve the stress of spending time alone.

Visit my Dog Walking in Caerphilly Page for more information about these services and pricing.

Puppy Sitting & Attention


Puppies present a different set of problems as to why you may need a sitter.  Very young puppies are untrained and may not know the difference between their dinner and your favourite pair of slippers!  So I can visit your puppy wherever you are in the Caerphilly area and give it fuss for half hour sessions or longer if you'd prefer.  I can give it short walks and the chance to run around and explore.

Visit my Puppy Sitting in Caerphilly Page for more information about this service and pricing.

Cat Feeding & Litter Changing


Cats aren't as reliant on human company for their own inner happiness.  They are more independent and only really need food, a litter change and a little attention - but on their terms!  My cat feeding service in the Caerphilly area includes all this and I can visit twice a day.

Visit my Cat Feeding in Caerphilly Page for more information about this service and pricing.

Other Home Visit Services


Whilst at your home, I am more than happy to complete any more domestic chores that need completing.  These range from security tasks such as opening or closing curtains to domestic things such as watering plants!  If you need anything extra doing, just ask!


Below are the kind words of some of Mutts and Moggies Pet Care's happy customers!

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